Noah and Etcetera

by MT

Sitting besides the steel-framed glass wall of the coffee shop in Barracks, I watch the weekend shopping waves pushing people in all directions. Suddenly a figure walks by and crosses the roadway dexterously. He looked like Noah[alias], a friend I took a class with, handsome, middle-aged, with brown hair and thick eyebrows, always reminding me of Mr. Big(Chris Noth) in Sex and City. But of course this fast-walking pedestrian is not Noah. Noah was hit by a drunken driver long ago and has since used a wheelchair instead of walking on foot. In the classroom and project teamwork, he was polite, and gentle, though not totally without stubborn, grumpy moments. People say if someone is an optimistic jovial person before an accident, he will still be an optimistic jovial person, though in a wheel chair, as soon as he got used to his new situation. I am quite skeptical about that. What impacts has the accident left on Noah’s life? What was he like before the accident? I know he is also divorced, though don’t know whether it is before or after. I am sure, though, that he must had been through a very difficult time. If he had not been hit, would he walk with such confidence and spiritedness as the man I just saw? K.C. is having a more difficult life, I think, according to several of his good friends.What drives the coming and going of the world? Is there really such thing as a normal, healthy, happy life? And for what does God, if there is one, separate people from staying together? What can be crueler than death? Non-death, of course.