Theses on Landscape 九個關於風景的命題

by MT

J. A. Gilfillan , A Native Council of War (1853)

J. A. Gilfillan , A Native Council of War (1853)

Theses on Landscape

1. Landscape is not a genre of art but a medium.
1. 風景不是一種藝術類型而是一種媒介。

2. Landscape is a medium of exchange between the human and the natural, the self and the other. As such, it is like money: good for nothing in itself, but expressive of a potentially limitless reserve of value.
2. 風景是人與自然,自我與他者之間交換的媒介。在這方面,它就像金錢:本身還無價值,但卻表現出某種可能無限的價值儲備。

3. Like money, landscape is a social hieroglyph that conceals the actual basis of its value. It does so by naturalizing its conventions and conventionalizing its nature.
3. 類似金錢,風景是一種社會性的象形字。通過「自然化」其習俗和「習俗化」其自然,它隱匿了實際的價值基礎。

4. Landscape is a natural scene mediated by culture. It is both a represented and presented space, both a signifier and a signified, both a frame and what a frame contains, both a real place and its simulacrum, both a package and the commodity inside the package.
4. 風景是以文化為媒介的自然景色。它既是再現的,又是呈現的空間,既是能指(signifier)又是所指(signified),既是框架又是其內含,既是真實的地方又是擬境,既是包裝又是包裝起來的商品。

5. Landscape is a medium found in all cultures.
5. 風景這一媒介存在於所有的文化中。

6. Landscape is a particular historical formation associated with European imperialism.
6. 風景是一種特殊的歷史構型,與歐洲帝國主義密切有關。

7. Theses 5 and 6 do not contradict one another.
7. 命題五與命題六並不矛盾。

8. Landscape is an exhausted medium, no longer viable as a mode of artistic expression. Like life, landscape is boring; we must not say so.
8. 風景是一種枯竭的媒介,作為一種藝術表現方式不再活力盎然。但我們不能因此就說,風景猶如生活令人升厭。

9. The landscape referred to in Thesis 8 is the same as that of Thesis 6.
9. 命題8中的風景所指與命題6的所指相同。

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